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I Saw My Brother Last Night!

Do you believe there's a connection between our dreams and the spirit world? Have you ever woken up from a dream and felt a sense of relief? I know I do and I have! There's been certain dreams I had that proved to me this is so.

My brother passed away January 2020 and it really did a number on me. I've had relatives die but never someone this close to me. I was already in a vulnerable state mentally; so when he passed it dam near sent me over the edge. I was losing my mind! Literally!

A few weeks after he left this earth he visited me in my dreams. It would be like I'm seeing him in the distance or in passing. As if he was just there to observe what's happening with me. Then one night I saw him again! This time he was glowing. Literally, like seriously! He. Was. Glowing. It was so amazinggg to see him with his angel wings. Yeah! Wings. It really was a beautiful sight to see. I don't recall us talking but he was just standing over me smiling.

I honestly felt like I was in his presence. It felt so real, as if he never left. I felt a warmness in my heart and then it turned to pain when I woke and realized it was just a dream. Sigh. The pain of losing him came rushing back but on the flip side I still felt a sense of comfort though. So, later that morning I asked my mommy the question, "What happens when we die?" My mommy is a Christian and I grew up in church so I wanted to know what the Bible says.

She was completely honest about what she understands as a Christian. I explained what I dreamed about to her and we talked for a while about it. Our convo was open and honest; and I think we both felt a sense of relief afterward. It was comforting to me because I knew for sure now that at any point he could pop in on me. I'm convinced once we pass away it's just our bodies that die; our soul/spirit still lives on.

Now I know alot of people ain't really with alla this and it might seem creepy. I get it. But I loved it.

Let me know what you think below or if you've experienced something similar.

See yal in the next post.


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