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Again Tho? (rolls eyes)

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

How it go people?

Ummmm! Okay! So!

Listen! Let me just start somewhere and hopefully I'll get the flow of what I'm trying to say!

I really ain't feeling this lil rollercoaster I'm on. I just want to say to hell with this but something in me is like, "Nah find another way!" So here I am.

Lemmuh tell you a story!

Well, I was in the process of creating a website for my brand ya know. I've embarked on this journey of trying to live holistically. This would be a mixture of me offering services and selling products conducive to this lifestyle. I wanted to share my experiences in like diary form on the blog and I actually created quite a few posts. They were very honest and transparent. Liberating to say the least (I mean I think so). I got everything going! Created, the website, purchased a web domain and web hosting services. I felt really accomplished after having serious doubts. (here's a link to that blog post).

Bang! Website done! Published and looking spectacular. Things was looking good. I'm scrolling through, checking each page out. I get to Da Blog page, click on a post and boom.

This error message pops up!

Smt. Bruh! I was livid. But I decided to simply e-mail technical support to have the issue rectified. Got a response, they said they'd work on the issue. I was like cool, I'm with it! It took like weeks but I got an e-mail saying the issue was fixed. I was excited! Went to the page and...

THE SAME THING POPPED UP!! I was so pissed!! I e-mailed them back and told them they ain't do shizz!!

But I still found another way to get around that while I waited on them to message me back. And to be perfectly honest. I think it's absolutely ridiculous. It's too much and I feel like my lil bit of money should get me better services right? RIGHT?! smt. So, anyway. I just didn't want to bother with the site anymore. Then the light bulb hit me like "Aye girl! Money still coming out your account for that!" LOL.

That's when I had the revelation! This was just a little stumbling block. Do not be discouraged, there are other solutions. Sometimes we get so caught up in what is happening in the moment that we block out all other possibilities. It may not be intentional but adjusting our thought process and patterns can help feeling defeated.

So, I started my research again and found a webhosting service that actually offered more and was way more efficient. It's easy to navigate and I can now create a community of like-minded people on a similar journey.

These blogs aren't formal in anyway but they're true testaments of where I am currently in my life. I will be transferring all the blogs that I've already created with this previous platform to this one. I think I'll include the date it was written so there's a better understanding with the actual time frame.

I think that's enough rambling about that.

We're Only Changing For The Best!!


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