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Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Hello, hello, hello!!

How is ya?! Two posts in one day?! Come on 3 day fast!!

Lolol. I was supposed to combine this dream with my previous post but the message I got at the end of writing was profound by itself. But I feel they tie in to one another.

The dream starts with me traveling. It feels like I was with a group of people. I don't even know where I was. But at some point we ended up in an amusement park of some sort. Then, we were in this beautiful mall. Like, I wish I could find the words to describe it. I swear to you. The floors and walls sparkled!! It was gorgeous. I don't remember shopping but I had bags. Sis definitely shopped!! I realized one of my bags were missing and I saw a lady walking off casually with my stuff!! I walked behind her trying to get her attention. Calling out to her saying, miss you got my bag!! Like I say I was in a mall, so it was kinda crowded. When she noticed me she discreetly tried to hand the bag off to another lady. Then she signaled to me to step to the side. I was like this bitch. So anyhow. I'm talking to her [more like yelling] telling her she has my bag. She start that ohhh look I don't have it. I was like ma'am. I'm not from here and I need her to go get my shit. I saw you give it to the other lady. I don't remember the entire dialog but I do recall her saying she'll get it back to me and I felt that she would.

Out of no where another lady popped up telling me how stupid I was for telling the woman I'm not from there, I'm not getting the bag back and all kinda shit. Just being a big ball of negative energy. I was like look get the fack out my face. It ain't what ya say it's how you say it. Ya know? Ugh. But some commotion happened and our attention was turned to a celebrity walking by.

Shortly after that who appears. The lady with my bag. She apologized and disappeared. I checked the bag and everything was there. The negative lady stood there in disbelieve. I walked off with my bag in hand and a man beside me. We seemed familiar but I honestly couldn't see his face. We walked up some stairs and he held my hand. As we got to the top of the stairs there were people who seemed to know us and I felt the excitement. I began to wake up and I heard a voice say,

"Everything that was taken from you will be returned."

[Speaking in tongues]

I truly believe all the tests I've encountered this week was God preparing me for this message.

Sometimes there's a delay in our vindication because we aren't paying attention to God when he speaks. We ask him for everything but we can't even complete simple things he asks of us. And all that does is prove whether or not we trust him to provide what we're asking for.

You have to be ready to receive what he's about to bless you with.

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