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Updated: Jan 5

Sighhhhhh, I know I should be shame. Shame me!! Has it really been a year? Well, a few days shy of a year. But believe me when I tell you so much has happened during this year.

Let me update ya from the top.

So. [blushing]. I had met this guy. He was very nice looking, well groomed, intelligent, charismatic; lol. Girl, STAPHHHHH!! Let me start off with how we met. One day I was at work and I got a call that a gentleman was coming and needed my assistance. This happens occasionally, so I was prepared for the client's arrival. When the client came to my window his first words were; "So this where you is?" I was absolutely perplexed because I did not know this man! He must have me mistaken for someone else. (Let me just say, he absolutely did not mistake me for anyone. He had seen me a few times before and knew exactly who he was talking to). But I brushed it off and carried on like I didn't hear him. Fast forward, he's been in office a few more times now. We've built a rapport with one another because now at this point, I know who he is as well. So one day as he's packing up his documents to leave he asks me, if I drink and if I go out for drinks. I said yes I do every now and then. Ya know. He asked so I can take you out for a drink? And my response was, "You know how to reach me!" (longs out tongue) lolol. Listen my co-workers were all ears. Lmaoooooo. I was like we'll complete this convo later. Anyhow fast forward again, we spent quite some time together. I truly felt comfortable in his presence. It was weird, it was like his aura was familiar. We truly got along well for what it was. I can honestly say I grew to like him alot. But I have a thing where I don't like to feel as if I'm forcing myself so I pulled away and we haven't spoken in a long while. Sigh. Maybe that is my gaddam issue. But we agreed we were "having fun" so maybe that was wise of me. Ya know for "me". I truly enjoyed our experience though, would definitely spin the block.

Lol. Next thing!! BIG PROMOTION!! I got promoted on my job to Senior Customer Service Representative. Yayyyyyyy!! Even though I was already doing the work. lolol. It still amazes me. I could recall writing a while back saying I got the job. I was so nervous. I was sooo unsure of how this phase of my life would play out but I trusted God. I knew I was placed in this moment for a reason. Now look, 2 years later and I've got a promotion and I can honestly say I love my job.

Then there was the big BIRTHDAY TRIP!! Chile that was an adventure within itself. For my birthday, I gifted myself concert tickets to see Kevin Gates. In New Orleans. And I went alone. I didn't tell many people where I was going or what I was doing. Only because people unknowingly project their fears onto you and I didn't need that energy chile. But the time came and I made it to New Orleans safe and sound that Friday night. Now, the concert was on Saturday and by noon, I had already talked myself out of going to the concert. Lmao. My nerves kicked all the way in and I was like I just ain't going. I was honestly afraid. I wasn't sure how the venue was going to be set up. Like going into the venue, would there be a big crowd of people? Goodness. My heart was racing just thinking about it. Fear was settled in with his feet up my friend! I was there by myself going through it, But one thing I know is I was not alone. An hour before I was supposed to leave for the concert I felt a calmness. My spirit was like you came all this way for this moment, if you don't go you're going to regret it. I got up and started getting ready. I said a prayer and asked God to follow me to and from the venue. Believe me when I tell you, I. Had. The. Time. Of. My. LIFE!!! I enjoyed every minute of that concert. Entry into the concert was seamless. I didn't have to wait on any long lines and I had entry through a side door. VIP entry. Everything I was worried about didn't even matter, it wasn't a factor. Listen, I was hyped up, wish I had a man to go back to my hotel to but I digress. Lol. It was a moment for me to do me and move freely. While I was there I did a perfume making workshop which was amazing and on my actual birthday I did a food tour. It was so liberating maneuvering through NOLA just me and God. I loved it. At the end on my trip I was scheduled to fly back into Fort Lauderdale. I have family in West Palm Beach and I wanted to see them. So what did I do? I rented a car and drove to Palm Beach. I was just doing what the hell I wanted to do and IT FELT GOOD!! I'll encourage anyone to travel solo at least once. It was a beautiful experience.

Da Ebb n Flow is progressing well. I'll have to do a post on that alone but I also, have more great news. [wink, wink] My year didn't turn out how I had envisioned it but by dam it was the best one yet. I've never experienced this much joy! Honestly.

I am truly amazed. My journey from 31 to 32 has definitely been beautiful. I've learned so much more about myself. I've grown in so many ways. Tried things I never have before. Experienced new people and embarked on new adventures. Ultimately, I am becoming the woman that my soul knows I am. I'm thankful for this and every phase of my life. I'm grateful for the peace that's been bestowed upon me. For I am certain; this evolution was divinely orchestrated.

Note to self: Once you see what's about to grow from the ashes, you'll be thankful it all burned down.

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