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A New Thing!!

Psssstttttt. You there? Chileeeeeeeeee!!! I know, I know!! It bin a minute but hear me out.

Soul sister bin struggling a bit these last couple of weeks. And it ain't what ya think. It's these gaddam chompers in my mouth. Believe me when I tell you; my wisdom teeth came to give me hell!! Like seriously!! Ien even joking. The ones on the bottom are impacted -- which simply means them suckers growing in SIDEWAYS!! Which also means they're pushing the other teeth as they try to grow out. A few years ago. I got one removed and boom. I bin okay.

But some time in May the heffas on the top wanted to act out. I mean showing the fack off!! I couldn't bear it bruh. I went to the dentist and of course, it's a surgical procedure. But anyhow. That ain't what this is about. Sorta but not really.

Like this week the toothache got to its worse. Like day before yesterday I only slept 4 hours. It was non stop pain. Last night as I was propped up in my bed listening to frequency music for dental relief I began to pray and thank God. In the midst of all this pain I just felt the need to be grateful ya know?! As I was praying I saw a vision of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. And God began speaking to me.

This is what I received...

"When a caterpillar is on the verge of transformation it becomes uncomfortable in its body. -- Ien know for sure but just hear me out. It's almost like it knows something is about to transpire. So the caterpillar begins spinning itself in a cocoon, going into complete solitude. Although, it's all alone in the dark something begins to take place. A shift is happening. That caterpillar is beginning to change. Something amazing takes place and the caterpillar is ready to leave its dark place. Out from the cocoon a completely new thing comes forth. Not a moment before it's time; a beautiful butterfly emerges. Who or what you were before you went into that dark place is no longer. You have entered a new phase, a new season, a new cycle of your life!! You have been changed."

Listen that blessed my soul so good. I was like, yup! Definitely posting this message, I have to share.

Catch yal in the next post!!

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