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After The Pain!

Just a reminder; Courtesy of Ms. Betty Wright..

My love is deeper than any ocean And my love is higher than any mountain It's, oh, it's full of emotion My love is full of devotion

My love is in and out of season And I love you with or without a reason You see God is gonna bless me for lovin' you For all the times that you treated me wrong and I kept bein' true

You see, God's eyes they're not closed He's not asleep Said He's watchin' everything move you make Every secret you keep

But I still love you like I do

(After the pain)

I know that you know it's true After all I've been through I should be through with love But there's a God up above

That keeps sayin', “Keila try Don't give up, you know why The sun is gonna shine 'Cause you are mine, all mine”

You just keep doin' your best And I will do the rest 'Cause I love you, love you, Keila, like I do

God can send your peace in many ways! You just gotta be connected so you know when he's talking to you!

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