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Can't Sleep?

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Heyyyyyy, How it go?

I know it's been a long ass time but it is currently 12:09 am on Dec. 9th, 2022 and I. Can. Not. Fall. Asleep. This is odd because I'm usually in bed by 7 and asleep by 8. I feel tiredness in my eyes but I just can't find that sweet, sleep spot. Ya know?!

But anyhow, Let's play catch up for a minute. Since my last post I've had a birthday!! Turned 31!! Wowzers!! I truly enjoyed my birthday though. Um, I now wear glasses! Welcome to ya 30s girl. Lmao.

On a serious note though. I've been receiving loads of messages over the past few weeks. Like to the point where it's a little overwhelming. Before I can sit with one revelation here comes another one. And to be quite honest I haven't even been logging or making note of what I've been receiving.

Lowkey, I feel like these are things God wants me to know for me. Which is why I've had trouble articulating what I received. And in this moment I'm understanding that when the time comes all these things I've seen and heard will make sense.

It takes me back, not to when I first started to receive messages (honestly I've experienced this from a child). But when I started to pay attention. The root of everything that I saw/heard in my dreams was that I needed to have faith. Truthfully speaking it was that faith that ushered me away from death's door. I've actively applied it and seen the transition my life took.

But here I am now, feeling frustrated. Wow! I guess there's something deep down I need to release. I've always been ambitious and set goals for myself. Which isn't a bad thing. However, those years I was down and out I can never get back. It's like I have so much to accomplish but in such a short time.

There's truly a battle between my flesh and my faith. I've seen what faith can do but somehow I want what I've prayed for in my time and that's not how this works.

God presents us with our blessings when it is absolutely the right time! Not a minute before. And of course I know this but this concept is sinking in right now in this moment.

Last night I prayed asking for guidance and for God to show what's next and as I was drifting off to sleep I heard Hebrews 8:7. I forgot about it until I was at work and decided to look it up.

It reads..

"For if that first covenant had been faultless, then no place would have been sought for a second."

Listen, when I read that I was like okay? Lemme read the whole chapter so I can get a better understanding. I was still a little confused but baby here comes the revelation.

This verse is so clear and I didn't have the understanding until now. After my prayer this was God saying to me, "If my first promise to you had any fault then you shouldn't be asking me for not one thing." And right here, right now I have to repent and ask his forgiveness. I'm a living testament of his miraculous works and here I am having doubts about what he said to me!

I think the issue is we put time frames and limits on God. But he is in charge and all of this is being divinely orchestrated for my good. Nothing happens before it is time. Absolutely nothing. Instead of living by faith and letting God do what he do; I've been moving and shaking trying to get things done my way.

I will always hold myself accountable. This is why I couldn't get to sleep; so now I'll leave you with this.

The last verse of Hebrews chapter 8 reads...

13. "In that He says, 'A new covenant,' ..."

He's getting ready to do a new thing. New beginnings are on the horizon.

Have faith and trust it'll happen at the right time.

And with that, I'll catch ya in the next post!

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