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Don't Be Disobedient!

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

¡Hola! ¿Como estas?

It is 2023, a whole new year! What a time.

Seem like every time I post I have to give a lil update. But that's my bad. [Insert smile].

Well the new year started off with me being sick. I felt horrible, absolutely horrible!! My body ached, I could barely move. Ugh! It was awful! Okay, okay! I'm being a bit dramatic. Lolol. Seriously though. It might have been like 2 weeks or so I was down but like Beenie Man say, I'M OOOKKKAAYYY!! [buss a lil dance]

Lol. Focus. So yeah. Last year [2022] in November I did a 3 day water fast. Bruh, it was liberating. So much so I attempted to do it again in December and just...  couldn't. I don't know what it was but my body was like nahhhhh. I decided that I definitely will go on a fast in January 2023. You know it's a new year and I want to actively listen when my heart/soul [high-key God] speaks to me, set the right intentions, get my mind right, all that good stuff.  [I usually start my fast on Monday right, that way I have the weekend to cleanse all of me.] The Friday before the fast I felt it and by Monday I was down for the count. Smh.

But the minute I got better I knew it was time. So this week Monday I started my fast. It was going so good then all of a sudden, big headache. Okay maybe my hair was too tight. Took down the style I had but that didn't work. I pressed on anyway. But that evening the headache was on a thousand. I was like I ain't ga make it bruh!! I honestly laid in my bed contemplating whether I should eat or not. When I tell you it was a fight between my spirit and my flesh!! The battle was raging but my spirit won. So the next morning I got up and I felt completely fine. I was like what all that was about? And it dawned on me that that was a test. Just a small one to see if I'd follow through with it or if I'd give up.

That gave me extra motivation. I started my day and it was good. My fast ended on the 18th. [This day happens to be the anniversary of my brother's passing. I didn't realize it until maybe midday and I started to feel there was a correlation between the two. It could be a coincidence. However, I don't believe in those.]

Buttttt. I completed the fast. I'm really proud of myself. I feel great and I look great.

Anyhow; through my prayer and meditation the following day, I was reminded of a promise I made. There's a lady who had a medical situation and was seeking assistance through a cook out. I missed the actual event but I still wanted to help. I promised her I'd drop something off to her at work. But I never got around to it. Fast forward. While I was meditating I heard her name and I was told a specific amount to give her. Yesterday before I went to work I went to the bank and got some cash. On my lunch break I went and got a card. I wrote:

"You may not remember but, I made a promise to you months ago. I couldn't follow through with it when I wanted to, but, I believe everything happens when it is supposed to. As you continue on your journey I'm praying for you and wishing you well. -ATT"

I grabbed the cash and put it in the card. I looked at it for a minute. My flesh was like okay, maybe you could take something out but my spirit said be obedient!! I immediately placed it in an envelope and sealed it.

I supported a young lady running a small business as well. My heart told me it was the right thing to do. I believe God is testing my will to give the little that I have. [Not just to give but to give it with love.] And one day he will return it to me multiplied.

We ask God for stuff all the time but never listen when he asks us for something. This is the week where my obedience was tested.

My charge to you is simple. When you feel compelled to do something for someone. Do it. You may be an answer to their prayer.

That wasn't the message I came to give but it is the message I came to give. Wow!!

I have a dream I wanna share so catch me on the next post.

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