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Okay Nah!!

Heyyyyy, how it go?!

Alas, I'm back. It's been a minute but like Mr. King... I HAD A DREAM. 

So, the dream started out with me and a few people at a bar or something chillin and having a great ass time. I don't remember much of that but. The dream shifted, I was like in a parking lot with my mommy and a baby boy. We were heading to my car. (Sidenote: it was a nice lil 2 door sporty car. She was styley. Black on black interior, just sexy af.) Okay. Focus gal!! But, yeah, at first I noticed there was a snake on the floor of the passenger side. Now, a little fun fact about me is I kinda want a snake for a pet. Not just any snake nah. It's a particular species of snake that I like. Anyhow the snake that I saw looked like that type of snake. So naturally I was not afraid but I wasn't trying to get it either. Like for what?

There were other people in the parking lot so I walked around asking people to help get the snake out. Every nigga I went to was like nahhhhh. Lolol. After a while I was like okay girl!! You gotta get this shit out the dam car. I built up the nerve right, had muh lil stick and everything. Get to the car and it was like 3 gaddam snakes looking up at me. They were docile and in a "ball" (hint hint: I like ball pythons). So I gently picked them up and placed them on the ground.

Listen!! The minute they touched the ground they began to expand. Like they grew longer and bigger. Then outta no where one of the snakes ate the other and simultaneously the next snake ate that snake. I was like wtf? They eating each other and then my dream shifted again.

So naturally when I woke I had to figure this shit out. Here's what I got.

In some cases, it might be a sign of self-sabotage and how it’s holding you back in other areas of your life. Likewise, a snake in your dream might then be a symbol of something you are avoiding.

But the snake can also represent something good: regeneration, rebirth.

We on this healing journey so I can dig the latter part. Got that? Okay. Le's keep going. I decided to search what it meant if a snake ate another snake, anddddd..

Snake eating another snake dream: A new ‘you’ is being created!

Right?! Le's keep going. 

The snake eating another snake dream usually means that a more powerful intuition and also a physical body is being built on the blocks of the old one; face may however remain the same but otherwise, the body will be totally different; organs new, young and healthy, and vigor high but the first identification of the person i.e. the face will remain as it were.

Snake eating another snake is a great dream specifically when the person is seeing it from the point of view of an observer and isn’t at all afraid.

Mind you, in my reflection I've had a dream similar to this one. It was in my back yard but there were two black snakes and the same thing happened. This may have been a year or so ago.

But what I received from the dream is that this is the confirmation to my previous post.

The message it conveys is similar.

You are being transformed. A new you is being born. This is your rebirth. You're shedding all those things that were detrimental to you. All those things that hindered you from becoming whole and healed.  Don't run from this, embrace it. And that's a note to myself.

I hope this was as enlightening for you as it was for me.

Catch ya in the next post!!

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