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The Hummingbird!

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

How it go!!

It's been a long ass time since I wrote anything but that's because my laptop kicked the bucket. I've been trying to avoid using my phone but alas, here we are!!

I had a dream on the night of Dec. 6, 2021; early morning of Dec. 7, 2021 that prompted me to pull out my phone and post.

It's not too clear all that transpired in my dream but I remember a hummingbird flying around me. It came extremely close and then landed on my arm. It was almost as if it was familiar with me or knew me. In that same frame of my dream, I saw like maybe 2 or 3 more hummingbirds and a gold bird. Then I drifted off into another dream. However, seeing those birds stuck with me until I woke up.

So I went to googling and found some very encouraging messages. I knew I needed to share it here but just the thought of using my phone to post made me change my mind. Lololol. But this morning, I kept seeing the birds and I had to be obedient. So here I am, on my phone.

Now to the good news.

Birds are associated with peace, messages, communication, freedom and spiritual connections, they also symbolize ideas. To dream of beautiful birds with colorful plumage in dream lore is a sign of a marriage. Birds might be a sign of great things to come and can suggest imagination, happiness, spirit, nature, and matter. There are many different variations of bird dreams.

• Hummingbirds appearing in dreams = inner intelligence, new ideas, and spiritual determination. They can often appear as a way for Spirit to give you the inspiration to take action on ideas that you have right now. Hummingbirds are a message that small ideas can lead to big results.

• Multi-Coloured birds in dreams = Carefree, happiness and joy will be yours.

• Gold birds in dreams = material wealth will be yours.

• Bird landing on you in dream = Birds are a sign of happiness and a bird landing on you is a sign of good luck. Birds are considered God’s messengers or signs of angels’ presence in our life, and that is why dreams of birds landing on you could have a very big significance because they are often related to your emotions.

• Dreaming of a bird or birds landing on your arm or arms = If you dreamed of a bird or birds landing on your arm or arms, your dream should be considered as an encouragement to take some action and begin pursuing your goals and dreams.

Ien even need to say nothing else. That's the message right there!! In essence, greater is coming. Everything your heart desires will manifest before your eyes. Keep the faith, you're on the path to your Abundance my loves.

I pray this message serves you well!!

Catch you in the next post!!

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