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When It Seems Like There's No Way Out...

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Listen, I had a dream last night!! I'll try to be as descriptive as possible. Okay so follow me. The dream starts off with me in a vehicle with some people; I can't really put names to the faces but everyone around me seemed familiar. We pulled up to a venue I didn't recognize but it turned out to be a church. As we walked toward the entrance an usher appeared and began telling us who would be preaching. [It turned out to be a very respectable Reverend in my community].

So we got inside and made it to our seats. Again, there was a sense of familiarity although I couldn't recognize the venue. It was beautiful and vast in size. [Note: It's common in our communities to have multiple doors as exits from the actual sanctuary in the event of an emergency. In most instances it is a glass door that you can see out of]. A few moments had passed and our attention was directed to the exit on my right. There was someone trying to pick the locks to get in. So, we got up and began to move toward the front of the church. Just as we were about to get to the front the person got inside. They attacked the people sitting nearest to the exit. It looked like a paint bomb went off and cloud of yellow smoke went into the air. By this time another person came in through the entrance with a gun in hand yelling. It seemed as if he felt he was wronged in some way and came to get revenge. [Anybody that knows me know when something pop off, I'm the first to get out of the vicinity. However, I wasn't scared at all. I felt no fear.]

So, I went to another exit trying to get out of the church and just as I was about to walk out another guy was coming with a gun. I slammed that door and time stood still for a bit but I knew I was running as fast as I can to the entrance. As I looked around I didn't see anymore gunmen in the church. But when I got outside there was a gunman standing near the road. Just as we made eye contact a car ran them over and parked on top of them. As I walked out I saw the weapons on the ground and all the other gunmen had disappeared. Then I woke up.

So, after thinking about it all day and talking to my mother it clicked. This dream wasn't to insight fear in me. It was meant to be metaphorical. No matter what comes your way or how many times trouble comes your way; I want you to remember this one thing.

God is standing in the gap for you. He's counteracting everything sent to hurt, destroy or hinder you in anyway. It may look like there's no way out but God's clearing the path for you! Have no fear my dear, God's making a way out of no way. He has the final say.


Just as a side note I googled what yellow smoke meant in a dream. I feel it has to be symbolic in some way. Here's what I found: If you dreamt it, it means: sadness passing - I receive that! Also, yellow smoke indicates happiness and it can show that you've done the right thing after all. Keep up the faith. - I receive that too!

I pray this receives you well and encourage you in some way.

Be blessed and catch you in the next post!

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