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Embrace Dis!

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Written: January 8, 2021

We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are! That's some real talk! Change is inevitable, le's just embrace it.

Do not resist the change occurring in your life right now! This change will break generational curses and usher in so much abundance. You will be blessed abundantly in love, hope, peace, success, joy, happiness as well as wealth. You've earned the key to unlock that door. Just trust that I'll guide you to where you should be once you open that door. Everything you encountered this year was for this purpose. DO NOT LET IT BE IN VAIN! Embrace all that your guiding force is about to bless you with. Remember to live in love. You can love people unconditionally and protect your energy by keeping your distance. You've been to hell and back now enjoy heaven. Before you can see change in anyone else, they must see change in you! Much love, Le's keep changing for the better. LE'S GOOOOOOOOOO!!

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