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What Dis About?

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Written: May 20, 2020

Ha'd go people! Lil island slang, lol. Yeah! I know! Everyone seems to be on this path right? It might seem cliché right? It's a bit much? You may be on to something, but what if you ain't? Think about that for a minute! I mean, if your life is in disarray or you can't seem to find balance; better yet your peace, why not try something that'll help you be great and feel great?

What is Holistic Wellness Anyway? Holistic means 'of the whole'. So, in essence, Holistic Wellness is when the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states of a person are in harmony with each other and are perfectly balanced. We've been conditioned to focus more so on external factors to contribute to our joy. When in reality, true joy, peace and happiness come when we are well physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I grew up on an island in an archipealgo in the Carribbean with strong Christian beliefs!! Like strong! There's nothing wrong with that at all. For me, it just seemed like "us Christians" missed something. Couldn't really put my finger on it but I know for sure I was the opposite of balanced okay? It really began to take a toll on me chile! I went through the dirt you hear me?! Looked in the mirror everyday trying to see if I can find me and I couldn't. Tru' Jah! In a future post I'll share my experience though. It's been a beautiful transformation for me. I feel way better and I know this is just the beginning. But through me researching about Holistic Wellness I was able to find myself and find my peace. The beautiful part about it is, you can tailor this journey to your needs. I don't believe you have to travel one path when it comes to finding your center, finding your peace. The Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching Guide is the exact course of action I took to get myself back on track. It helped me to dig into who I am and who I am not. Who I want to be and what I want to leave behind. Cause ultimately it's up to me to change patterns that I really can't see me carrying through my life. At this particular point in time. So, if you are interested you can purchase the entire HHWC Guide or simply choose the areas in your life you wish to improve. The experience will be liberating. Stay tuned for our next post highlighting what to expect from Da Ebb n Flow! We're Only Changing For The Best!! Le's GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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