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"Who are you?" and "What do you want?"

Updated: May 10, 2021

Zuko: I know my own destiny uncle!

Iroh: Is it your own destiny or is it a destiny someone else has tried to force on you?!

Zuko: Stop it uncle I have to do this!

Iroh: I'M BEGGING YOU PRINCE ZUKO! It's time for you to look inward and begin asking yourself the big questions, "Who are you?" and "What do you want?"

Humor me for a few minutes and listen to this; well follow this!

Zuko was Prince of the Fire Nation. His father King Ozai was responsible for continuing the devastating war his family initiated years prior. He made it his life's mission to take control over all other nations (Earth, Water and Air); which will ultimately make him the ruler of everyone and everything. During his reign, he banished the teenage prince and took away his title and honor. Ozai told him the only way he would regain it was to capture the Avatar (Aang); who went missing 100 years ago. Zuko became practically obsessed with this mission because he wanted to make his father proud. He wanted to be welcomed home with this ultimate prize. Fast forward, alot of things happened that added fuel to Zuko's fire. He became so consumed by his rage that he was an explosion waiting to happen. Literally! But his wise old uncle Iroh (my favorite character) saw that a metamorphosis was taking place in him. Zuko was on a path completely opposite to that of his families history. He was doing better and becoming better.

The quote mentioned above was from a scene where Zuko had the opportunity to kidnap Aang's flying bison (Appa). He was about to use Appa to lure Aang into a trap then BOOM! He'd capture Aang. But in walks Uncle Iroh! (I think I might name my son Iroh! LOL) Okay, okay! So yeah! Uncle Iroh walks in and the conversation begins.

He reminds Zuko of the positive change that has took place in his life. It got me thinking you know. For so long Zuko was on this quest, following what he perceives his destiny to be. But with each day it ate at his soul. His happiness and his peace. Once he began to follow his heart, he experienced a more tranquil existence. That's until a reminder of what he has been brainwashed to believe was placed in front of him. Iroh became that positive reinforcement he needed in that moment.

I'm a little long-winded buttttt, I just want to encourage you to go within and find your true path. People around us assume they know the path we should take; what we are destined to do. But who's truly going to know your purpose but you? It may be an innocent thing in some regard and in other instances it can be used to hurt you. That's why it's so important to figure out what makes your heart full and what puts a smile on your face. Go on the journey to find what puts your heart at ease and brings you peace!

You can find inspiration in EVERYTHING! Listen with your heart and you'll understand! (Pocahontas reference, lol)

Catch us in the next post!


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