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What Was Meant To Kill You Ushered You To Your Blessing!

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

How it go yal?!

Let me tell you how I just typed this whole thing out and it just disappeared. Like. It ain't in the drafts or nothing. Like tf? Ugh. I have to get this out tho.

But anyway, this is about a dream I had last night. Usually I have a few dreams throughout the night. I often remember one or two things out of each but in some instances I remember the entire dream. When this happens I take note because there's always a message in it. So here goes.

It started off with me and a few people in the sea water. Although I didn't recognize any faces they were obviously people I knew and we were well acquainted. So we floating and bobbing in the water having a jolly ole time. Then boom! Someone stabs me. In complete and utter shock I start saying, aye she stab me. No one paying attention. There was blood circling me and everyone just went on like everything cool. I went into full panic mode. I spoke up more cause this a serious situation we have here; that's how I'm looking at it. Cause you know I'm the one bleeding. Then someone had the audacity to say, "You being dramatic" as they all moved away from me. At this point I'm all alone, on my way to glory. In that moment I realized that they didn't even notice I was hurt and in pain. All of a sudden another person appeared. I couldn't tell if it was a male or female; it had to be neither or both. They placed their hand on my wound and a white aura covered their hand and my entire body. I was instantly healed. So this person then ushered me to the shoreline where this beautiful building sat. It seemed to be a hotel but it had a homey feel to it. I don't know. But. As I got up close to the building I saw the same mofos I was in the water with carrying on like ain't shit just happened. They kept walking, laughing and talking; still not recognizing me [drenched from head to toe]. But then appeared a very well dressed lady. It was almost as if she was expecting me. She brought me dry clothes and ushered me to a restricted area of the property. It was almost like only members had access to this area. She began showing me around; ya know, introducing me to other people in this area. After she showed me this space, she told me it was mine. [Like it was all mine] and as I was about to re-enter I made eye contact with the person that stabbed me. She got the attention of all those people we were in the water with and pointed to me from behind the gate. Then I woke up.

Listen to me and listen to me good. There may definitely be people in your life that mistreat you, hurt you and down right abuse you. There may even be people in your life that can't see this injustice or see your pain. And of course there will be people who play a blind eye to it all. But you have to stay encouraged. Although they tried to hurt you, it will benefit you instead. For instance had that person not stab me in my dream I wouldn't have had that healing experience. I wouldn't have felt that power. I would not have come in contact with the lady that blessed me. I would have been with those same people on the outside of the gate looking in. Instead they're on the outside of the gate watching me receive my blessings. They were certain that I wouldn't have made it out. That's why they didn't notice me on the shoreline coming in or leaving for the restricted area.

I hope this was enlightening for someone. My dreams may not be intended for me. But, I hope whomever it's for receives everything they're supposed to. Don't mind what they do or say; they will definitely watch you receive your blessings!

Stay encouraged friends.

Catch yal in the next post.


After writing this post I came across this video on Youtube.

The title is "While they were laughing at you God was rebuilding your new life."


Aug. 15. 2021

So I went to church today to honor my brother's birthday. Our Pastor's message is another confirmation of this dream. One of the scriptures he referenced was Joshua 1:3 which states, "Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you, as I said unto Moses."

Listen when I tell you God about to bless you!!

Be blessed.

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