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Yes Mi Friend!

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Their wars could not hold I

So they had to turn me loose,

How in Jah world could this be?

They have no, no idea what they have done to me, no

Some may think it is a mystery

But I thank Jah, the day I man walk free


Yes, mi friend, mi good friend

We deh pon street again.

And the tears my loved ones shed

God, Himself, heard their cries, yeah

Countless days and nights

With no sunlight in front mine eyes

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Many criticize, ooh

I say, what is the difference between the fool and the wise?

The words could not control me

So they had to turn me loose

Yes, mi friend, mi good friend

We deh pon street again

Again, again, again

Yes, my friend (My friend, my friend, my friend)

Mi friend, mi friend

Dem set we free again.

I want to say thank you to MY best friend for sticking by me.

When I lost sight of who I was she was right there when I regained my "vision".

She has proven that she is the true definition of a friend.

But not only that she is my family.

I love her and I appreciate her wholeheartedly.

I can talk to her about anything and she listens!

She doesn't just hear what I say, SHE LISTENS!

She heard my cries and felt my pain.

She can walk away from me right now and I'd never speak an ill word toward or against her.

Our friendship has transformed from childhood to womanhood.

I love who we've become separately and together.

Believe you are a gift to me and you were placed in my life for a time such as this.

You have proven your loyalty to me and I'm with you girly!

Yes, mi friend!

This tribute is to you!

❤ Much Love to you RSD-C

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1 Comment

Rogette Curry
Rogette Curry
Sep 21, 2022

I love you too and I appreciate you best friend. I'm not going anywhere where you're not by my side.❤️

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