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You Ain't Buried!

Written: January 8, 2021

Have you ever been hidden in plain sight? Like a dark cloud was covering you and no one could see "YOU"? Well, this encouragement is for you!

"All this time you thought you were hidden when in reality you've been planted. In that darkness you began to shed the seed you once were. You couldn't see your way to the light but you knew you were growing. Now you're feeling the shift in the atmosphere. You are about to sprout into your destiny. The seed that you thought was hidden in the dirt is about to blossom into something that's greater than anything this world has encountered. You will radiate what God, Divine (your guiding force) looks like. Everything in your past that made you question it or yourself was left in the dirt. You will continue to grow stronger and stronger, able to withstand any adversity." This message came to me Sep. 11, 2020 and I had to write it down. Don't be discouraged friends! It was a blessing to me and I know it'll bless you too. Le's continue to change for the better! Check us in the next post! Le's GOOOOOOOOOO!!

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