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You Listening To Ya Body?

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Written: January 29, 2021

Let me tell you how my body told me to get my [explicit] together! Bruh!

So. Let me just give you a little back story. I was always "plump", from I knew myself I had weight on me. I was very self conscious about it but I just accepted that I would always be fat. Around the 11th grade I broke my ankle and dropped like 20 pounds. -- Using crutches is a whole workout bruh. -- But my body shifted in a way and my womanly curves came in. I was like okay then! I put on a few pounds after that but it wasn't drastic. I was able to maintain the weight perfectly. Then there came a time when I just didn't give a flying rats hasssss. [insert laughing emoji] I was so "comfortable" with myself that I stopped exercising and ate whatever I wanted. The pounds piled on and the size on my clothes went up. Still in denial I wouldn't do better for myself. Until I started experiencing health issues. Listen atta me! It got to the point where it affected: 1. My breathing. Never in my life I needed an inhaler but I started having issues breathing. Like simple tasks was strenuous. Other tasks I enjoyed [side eye, lol] became uncomfortable and I had a big problem with that. I felt like I was smothering when I laid on my back and that frightened me! 2. My feet, my ankles and my knees. My body couldn't handle the extra weight and trust me it started screaming!! I mentioned earlier I broke my ankle in high school and I have a metal plate and 5 screws in my leg. -- Yeah, when the weather change I feel it. No, it's not cool. -- Lol. But seriously, when I walked it felt like the metal plate was about to crack. I could literally see the top of it pushing against my scar. That was a no go! The doctor already told me if I broke this again, amputation!! OH NO! 3. My allergies. It felt like it heightened every allergy I had. The wind blew too hard I was sick. Any amount of dust made my eyes swell. Let's not talk about the mold, which affected my breathing. That almost took muh life. It was just too much!! So with the help of my sweet love I started to change my habits! For about 4 years now I've adjusted my eating habits and became alot more active. I took my time with it and saw tremendous improvements. All of those health problems I had disappeared. I haven't had a cold or sniffle since 2017. Like real talk. No flu shots and ain't had the flu. But babyyyyy!! About a week ago the flu wrapped his arms around me and tried to hold me down!! I felt the change the first day and I was like NOPE!! I put so much medication in my system! I wasn't having it. I was knocked down for about 2 to 3 days but I felt like forever. I was like girl you ain't been sick in 4 years what's going on?! It was at that moment it hit me! Like a ton of bricks bruh!! For the past few months I literally bin off track. I've been eating horribly, snacking late at night and barely working out. My immune system was knucking and bucking bruh! Ain't no flu or nothing could reside in this temple. But the food I was eating and the habits I picked back up began poisoning my body. Real talk. Breaking down my immune system with the quickness!! So. I had to listen to my body!! I have to cut the crap and get back on track!! -- Ohhhhhhh! I like dat!! But I had to share that with yal!! Much love!! We only changing for the best! Catch us in the next post! LE'S GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

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